How It Works

We are located in Canton, Michigan serving local clients with busy lifestyles in Plymouth, Canton and the surrounding area. 

All meals are pre-ordered from the Menu of the Week to ensure the freshest, high quality ingredients. Orders must be placed by Friday for delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday of the FOLLOWING week.

Fill in the information  to be placed on our mailing list. Once you are on our email list, you will receive the Menu of the Week directly into your inbox. 
Go to the Menu of the Week

Each week we send out a reminder message with our menu. Our clients love this feature! Send us a reply with your order. Specify the day and time you want delivery. We will confirm your order.

All meals come in two sizes:
SMALL - (2-3 servings)   or   LARGE  - (4-5 servings)

Meals are packaged in labeled foil pans for convenient reheating or freezing.  Most food may be easily microwaved on a separate dish for more convenience.

Let Everyday Edibles take all the work out of arranging lunch for your office or gathering. Let the entire office enjoy a homemade meal as if you made it yourself! All lunches are made to order with fresh, quality ingredients. They are delivered to your office and set up buffet style.  Go to Luncheon Menufor options.

* Please note, there will be a $5 delivery charge on all orders within 10 miles. $1.50 per mile additional charge for deliveries over 10 miles
Cash or check upon delivery are preferred. Credit cards accepted.
Michigan sales tax applicable. Prices are subject to change. Gratuity is greatly appreciated.    313.320.6962

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